Alle News - 24 January 2018

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OHL This Week: Post-trade, competition gripping at both top and bottom of rankings

24 January 2018 23:40:13 Home Stories

It's dangerous to draw many conclusions two weeks after the OHL trade deadline.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 23:40:13


Ontario's ballooning household debt poses risk to economy as interest rates climb: watchdog

24 January 2018 23:03:42 Home Stories

Ontario’s fiscal watchdog says household debt in the province has increased since 2010, and is projected to continue to grow, which could spell trouble for the economy as interest rates also climb.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 23:03:42

Final government-funded Stratford Festival PerformancePlus study guide released for 2016 production of Macbeth

24 January 2018 23:03:42 Home Stories

Though federal funding for the development of the Stratford Festival’s PerformancePlus multimedia study guides has run out, the festival is continuing development of the online education tool going forward.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 23:03:42

St. Marys animal-control officer criticizes Stratford-Perth Humane Society’s fundraising campaign

24 January 2018 22:27:10 Home Stories

A local animal-control officer is questioning the Stratford-Perth Humane Society’s request for donations while it cares for the three dogs involved in last week’s serious collision in Sebringville.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 22:27:10

Agricultural sector among those expected to benefit the most from Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

24 January 2018 22:27:09 Home Stories

Local MP John Nater said the announcement that Canada will be joining after all the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is welcome news, while also saying the federal government should now focus its attention on the ongoing NAFTA negotiations.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 22:27:09

Local businesses still trying to figure out impacts of latest changes to Ontario’s labour law

24 January 2018 21:14:09 Home Stories

Though most of the discussion over Bill 148 centered around the minimum wage increase, local businesses are now turning their attention to other aspects of the law and its impacts on their daily operations.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 21:14:09

Liberals to end community mail box conversions, but won’t restore door-to-door

24 January 2018 20:01:14 Home Stories

The federal Liberals are terminating a program launched by the former Conservative government to convert existing home mail delivery in Canada to community boxes.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 20:01:14

Game Day: Stratford Warriors healthy for stretch run as Elmira Sugar Kings visit the Allman Arena

24 January 2018 19:24:42 Home Stories

With just 12 games left in the regular season, the Stratford Warriors are getting healthy at the right time.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 19:24:42

Southwester Ontario YMCAs mull mega-merger into one giant organization

24 January 2018 18:48:38 Home Stories

A mega-merger is on the table that would link Southwestern Ontario YMCAs east to west.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 18:48:38

Stratford Central RAMBots walk away from VEX robotics competition with some valuable lessons

24 January 2018 16:22:43 Home Stories

Talk about a buzzer-beater.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 16:22:43

Southern Ontario border officials seized more than 900 weapons in 2017, new figures show

24 January 2018 15:46:15 Home Stories

Border officials are tallying up their haul of seized goods from Southern Ontario’s crossings, a bonanza that included more than 900 weapons and almost enough alcohol to fill eight hot tubs.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 15:46:15

Ask Amy: Mentor accused of misconduct disappears

24 January 2018 14:33:16 Home Stories

Dear Amy: Recently, a close mentor of mine was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct in the ‘90s. The accusations (many of them quite graphic) were made public in a national and highly respected publication.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 14:33:16

Former priest fights human trafficking

24 January 2018 03:38:26 Home Stories

After nearly three decades as a priest in the Anglican church, Kevin Dixon decided to answer a new calling, combating human trafficking.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 03:38:26

Brews News: Forked River fiddles with fruit flavours

24 January 2018 03:01:54 Home Stories

If you’re a water-barley-malt kind of beer person who boogies like it’s 1516, this, bud, is not for you.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 03:01:54

Fight still on to keep high-performance national rowing program in London

24 January 2018 00:35:46 Home Stories

A respected former Rowing Canada board member believes the national organization has erred in deciding to move the hub of its women's high-performance training centre from London after more than 30 years of success.

Více Alle News Time24 January 2018 00:35:46