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Experts say parents should talk to their kids about being responsible social media users and teach them about how far their posts can go

07 February 2017 23:57:48 Home Stories

Growing up in an Internet age means that teenage mistakes can live forever.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:57:48


Banff RCMP request assistance to identify break and enter suspect

07 February 2017 23:57:17 Home Stories

RCMP in Banff are asking for the public’s assistance to identify the person responsible for a break and enter that occurred early on Tuesday morning.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:57:17

Car strikes hydro pole, home; power outage for about 1,000

07 February 2017 23:54:04 Home Stories

This just in from Belleville fire chief Mark MacDonald:

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:54:04

Freezing rain creates pain for Barrie motorists

07 February 2017 23:53:32 Simcoe County-News (from

BARRIE — Road crews laying down salt non-stop

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:53:32

Sexual assault crisis centre responds to report

07 February 2017 23:38:07 Home Stories

Local advocates for sexual assault victims are calling a recent study concerning unfounded allegations alarming.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:38:07

Letter to the editor

07 February 2017 23:38:07 Home Stories

Canadians in danger of losing speech freedom

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:38:07

Council approves Milton arts centre naming rights sale

07 February 2017 23:36:33 Halton-News (from

MILTON — A $1-million deal to sell the Milton Centre for the Arts’ naming rights has been approved by council, with one major stipulation — Milton has to be included in the new name.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:36:33

Oakville firefighters work to rescue person in Sixteen Mile Creek

07 February 2017 23:18:24 Halton-News (from

OAKVILLE - Oakville firefighters are on the scene at Sixteen Mile Creek, at Water Street, where a body has been found face down in the creek.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:18:24

Provincial police join in search for missing Barrie woman

07 February 2017 23:13:33 Home Stories

After almost a week, police continue to search for a missing Barrie woman.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:13:33

Smith named official energy critic

07 February 2017 23:09:18 Home Stories

Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith has been assigned as the Official Opposition’s energy critic.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 23:09:18

Phoenix: Paying PS comes first, recouping funds will follow, says minister

07 February 2017 22:58:37 Ottawa Citizen - News

OTTAWA -- The minister responsible for the federal government's troubled payroll system says she's more concerned about paying employees who haven't received what they're owed than she is about recouping money that's been overpaid. And Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote suggests those who have been paid too much put the extra money aside until a repayment schedule can be worked out. Foote's comments came Tuesday after the CBC reported the government has overpaid more than $68-million and has so far reached agreements to recover only about one third of the money. The minister suggested the exact amount owed to the government isn't known, because bureaucrats have been focused on fixing the system so tens of thousands of employees who haven't received proper paycheques get the money they've earned. Shortly after the government launched the Phoenix pay system last spring to replace several antiquated payroll systems, complaints began pouring in from public servants who had been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all. By June of last year, the backlog of problem cases reached 82,000. That backlog has since been pared down to about 7,000 files, according to the latest count. But those files are considered to be exceptionally complicated and dealing with them has significantly slowed the processing of new payroll changes that have been filed over the last few months. In most cases, Foote's department says it can take up to three months for current and past employees to receive payments for overtime, temporary pay upgrades and other benefits that are in addition to regular pay. The government's main objective at the moment is to deal with underpayments, and improving its "service standard," Foote told reporters after a cabinet meeting Tuesday. "Our priority has been on making sure that those who were not getting paid for work performed get paid," said Foote. "We want to make sure that any hardship cases that are out there are dealt with. "We will get to those receiving overpayment." Just how much money was overpaid isn't yet clear, she said. Foote encouraged employees who have been overpaid to let her department know so their files can be worked on. In the meantime, she suggested anyone receiving more than what they're owed set the money aside. "I encourage any employees who are getting more money than they are entitled to, maybe to put it in a separate bank account," she said. "When it comes time to recover that money we will do it, and we will do it in a way that's respectful of those employees." Recovery methods can include lump sum payments or repayments over time, said Foote. The department was expected to provide another update on progress in fixing the Phoenix at a media briefing Wednesday.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 22:58:37

St. Marys historic town hall bell and tower unveiled after reconstruction project in 2016

07 February 2017 22:45:20 Home Stories

After 16 years of silence, the bell in St. Marys tolls again.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 22:45:20

Stratford Police, Alzheimer Society, Autism Ontario partner for Vulnerable Persons Registry

07 February 2017 22:45:19 Home Stories

Stratford Police have joined forces with two community organizations on a new safety initiative for people living with dementia or autism.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 22:45:19

Ceremony held to celebrate completion of student centre reno

07 February 2017 22:34:08 Home Stories

A $1.6-million expansion of the student centre at the Chatham campus of St. Clair College has not only resulted in a physical change, it's also created a positive change.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 22:34:08

Bailie eyes bronze after Canada loses University Games semi-final

07 February 2017 22:24:33 Home Stories

Kevin Bailie and his Canadian teammates will play for bronze Wednesday at the 2017 World University Winter Games men's hockey competition in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 22:24:33

Dr. Dave Williams will retire as Southlake CEO

07 February 2017 21:54:49 Home Stories

Newmarket - Southlake Regional Health Centre has announced that President and CEO, Dr. Dave Williams will be retiring at the end of 2017. Williams, whose career included the roles of physician and space explorer with NASA before he took on the presidency of Southlake in 2011, led the hospital through a successful expansion, and developed its commit

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:54:49

Montreal man named as victim in fatal Brampton crash

07 February 2017 21:35:09 Brampton-News (from

The man killed in a single-vehicle crash in Brampton Saturday was from Montreal, according to Peel Regional Police.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:35:09

Why a Dr. Seuss cartoon is going viral in the age of Trump

07 February 2017 21:34:05 Ottawa Citizen - News

You know Dr. Seuss, of course, for the Cat in the Hat or one of his countless other legendary children's books. But a political cartoon drawn by Seuss (real name: Theodor Seuss Geisel) in the midst of World War Two has been popping up over and over again on social media feeds these days. Oct. 1, 1941 cartoon by Dr. Seuss, courtesy of UC San Diego library. Note the words on the woman's shirt to see why it's suddenly become so relevant: "America First," a slogan now prominently deployed by U.S. President Donald Trump. In the 1940s, it was used by isolationist Americans sympathetic or indifferent to fascist movements in Europe. And with the cartoon's reference to "foreign children," it plays right into the outrage over Trump's halt on refugees and even visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries. Seuss did a lot more work along these lines as well, drawing more than 400 political cartoons throughout World War Two for the New York newspaper PM. June 18, 1941 cartoon by Dr. Seuss, courtesy of UC San Diego library. To read more on the context of these cartoons, see this essay from The Atlantic magazine.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:34:05

Targeting Fentanyl abuse in the community

07 February 2017 21:29:19 Home Stories

Police services across Ontario are partnering with Crime Stoppers, in an attempt to address the rising abuse of Fentanyl.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:29:19

Sharing the costs of policing

07 February 2017 21:29:19 Home Stories

The Town of Innisfil and Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury are partners in the South Simcoe Police Service – formed when the Innisfil and BWG Police Services were amalgamated at the end of 1996.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:29:19

Alliston man's dog fends off attack

07 February 2017 21:27:10 Home Stories

NEW TECUMSETH – An Alliston man walking his dog late Tuesday, January 31 was attacked by three coyotes.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:27:10

The Bunnies are back: Playboy Club to reopen in NYC after 30 years

07 February 2017 21:17:37 Home Stories

The 1960s just called and they want their bunnies back.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:17:37

Toronto post-hardcore band performs Thursday at Foxx Lounge in downtown Barrie

07 February 2017 21:05:55 Home Stories

The Fiends of Winter arrive in Barrie this week.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 21:05:55

QSWC cancellations

07 February 2017 20:55:20 Home Stories

Due to the weather, there are a number of program cancellations today:

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:55:20

Family seeks answers after Peterborough County OPP officer shoots and kills dog

07 February 2017 20:52:09 Halton-News (from

Officers fired pepper spray at dog after receiving reports of it being aggressive

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:52:09

Travel: No time to waste in Puerto Vallarta’s ‘experiential’ tourist adventure

07 February 2017 20:41:33 Home Stories

Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville ... Love the Jimmy Buffett song and enjoyed many a hit-the-spot tequila and lime drink while in Mexico recently.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:41:33

C-K Salvation Army partners with Raising the Roof

07 February 2017 20:41:32 Home Stories

The Salvation Army has joined forces Raising the Roof for its annual Toque Tuesday fundraiser.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:41:32

Vimy Ridge memorial plans in Chatham-Kent finalized

07 February 2017 20:41:31 Home Stories

A memorial service for the 100-year anniversary of Vimy Ridge will take place on Easter Sunday, April 9, at Christ Church in Chatham.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:41:31

Beyonce is pregnant with twins

07 February 2017 20:37:49 Home Stories

Attention Beyhive: Beyonce is pregnant – with twins.

Více Alle News Time07 February 2017 20:37:49

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