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Wynne to testify at Sudbury byelection trial

25 July 2017 18:07:30 Brampton-News (from

Wynne to testify at trial of two Liberals facing bribery charges

Vice null Time25 July 2017 18:07:30


Relatives of accused to testify at trial

17 January 2017 11:03:01 Simcoe County-News (from

Douglas Garland's family scheduled to testify at his triple murder trial

Vice null Time17 January 2017 11:03:01

Officer who shot and killed Andreas Chinnery testifies at inquest

10 March 2016 20:27:37 Halton-News (from

Coroner’s inquest hears evidence from Const. Mike McNaughton, the officer who fired the shots

Vice null Time10 March 2016 20:27:37

Chinnery inquest Day 3: Early exposure to cannabis linked to psychosis

09 March 2016 19:40:58 Halton-News (from

Mental disorder can develop especially if the person has experienced childhood trauma, expert testifies.

Vice null Time09 March 2016 19:40:58

Tenants testify as inquest into police shooting death of Andreas Chinnery begins

08 March 2016 02:57:38 Halton-News (from

He died Feb. 2, 2011 after police responded to calls of a prolonged loud disturbance in his Barton Street East apartment.

Vice null Time08 March 2016 02:57:38

Stefan Jones nominated as Liberal candidate

10 December 2015 23:11:37 Home Stories

Selkirk’s Stefan Jones has been nominated as the Liberal candidate for the constituency of Selkirk in the upcoming Provincial election. The announcement was made at the Manitoba Liberal Dinner Nov. 19 at the Canad Inn Polo Park.

Vice Alle News Time10 December 2015 23:11:37

Politician defends decision not to testify

05 November 2015 22:25:19 Durham Region-News (from

Nova Scotia premier promises review, minister declines to testify in court

Vice Alle News Time05 November 2015 22:25:19

Canada's Stefan Daniel makes another trip to the podium, setting stage for a world championship title

06 September 2015 03:59:38 Edmonton Journal - News

Paratriathlete Stefan Daniel made yet another trip to the podium on Saturday, easily winning his classification at the ITU World Triathlon in Edmonton

Vice Alle News Time06 September 2015 03:59:38

Oliver won't testify on Canada's finances

28 July 2015 00:20:51 Halton-News (from

Colleagues appear to bail out finance minister from testifying on Canada's books

Vice Alle News Time28 July 2015 00:20:51

Coke dealer testifies to abuse

30 January 2015 14:04:32 Windsor Star - News

He slammed her face against the kitchen counter, then threw her to the floor. A weeping Sabrina Lacommare testified Thursday to abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, Mark Anthony Trudel. But Trudel is not on trial and no one has testified to corroborate Lacommare’s story.

Vice Alle News Time30 January 2015 14:04:32