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Kodiaks claw back into contention

09 February 2018 00:40:57 Home Stories

There are a thousand clichés about a team needing their best players to be their best players. That is one right there.

Vice Alle News Time09 February 2018 00:40:57


Kodiaks claw back into contention

19 January 2018 12:01:23 Home Stories

Don't look now but the Camrose Kodiaks are one point out of home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Vice Alle News Time19 January 2018 12:01:23

Georgian golfers in contention at nationals

20 October 2017 02:25:11 Home Stories

The Georgian Grizzlies men’s and women’s golf teams continued play at the 2017 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national championships with the third round on Thursday at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club in Oshawa.

Vice Alle News Time20 October 2017 02:25:11

CRTC to review Canadian content decision: Feds

15 August 2017 05:51:07 Brampton-News (from

Feds ask CRTC to review Canadian content decision after outcry over lower investment

Vice null Time15 August 2017 05:51:07

Toronto fire highlights contents insurance value

15 February 2017 22:04:31 Durham Region-News (from

Huge Toronto fire highlights value of contents insurance: experts

Vice null Time15 February 2017 22:04:31

The women in contention for the next banknote

07 December 2016 19:43:39 Brampton-News (from

A look at the five women in contention to grace the front of the next banknote

Vice null Time07 December 2016 19:43:39

Christie's to sell contents of Reagans' LA home

30 June 2016 14:41:05 Brampton-News (from

Christie's to sell contents of Reagans' LA home

Vice null Time30 June 2016 14:41:05

Arborg's Foster out of Viterra contention

12 February 2016 02:58:19 Home Stories

A 10-4 loss to Granite's Taylor McIntyre in Selkirk this afternoon put Kyle Foster's Arborg Curling Club rink out of contention for the Viterra provincial men's championship.

Vice Alle News Time12 February 2016 02:58:19

Will Netflix stop blocking content?

27 January 2016 23:57:20 Entertainment Stories

There has been a lot of talk recently about Netflix cracking down on so-called location blockers, meaning users who access the library of films and TV shows from countries other than their own could face difficulty getting at that content in the future.

Vice Entertainment Time27 January 2016 23:57:20

Netflix to get tough with Canadian users who access U.S. content

15 January 2016 22:08:55 Vancouver Sun - News

Netflix says it's planning on cracking down on users who use virtual private networks and proxy services to view content not available in their countries.

Vice Alle News Time15 January 2016 22:08:55