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Disney delivers with story of ‘Coco’

01 December 2017 21:29:48 Home Stories

We all know Disney has had some great hits, but we also know that Disney has had some flops. And in most every case they tell us a tale that previously existed in another form. For the most part Pixar has been great for original, amazing ideas of their own (except maybe Cars). So when I saw the trailers for Coco, I simply thought it would be anothe

Vice Alle News Time01 December 2017 21:29:48


Rhode Island man's clamshell-paved road creates a stink

13 June 2017 17:29:13 Home Stories

TIVERTON, R.I. — A Rhode Island man has been given until the end of the week to get rid of the unwashed clamshells he used to pave a road that neighbours complained give off a sickening stench.

Vice Alle News Time13 June 2017 17:29:13

Noise barrier to go up along Kingston Road in Pickering

14 March 2017 18:27:28 Durham Region-News (from

PICKERING — The Region of Durham is constructing a noise barrier wall along the south side of Kingston Road in Pickering. The wall will run from 110 metres west of Brock Road to Denmar Road. Contractor Coco Paving started work the week of March

Vice null Time14 March 2017 18:27:28

Hamilton Coco Paving worker injured in conveyor belt accident

16 December 2016 14:28:28 Halton-News (from

Coco Paving worker suffered injuries to his arm and leg, Nebo Road company says.

Vice null Time16 December 2016 14:28:28

UPDATE: Hamilton worker injured in conveyor belt accident

15 December 2016 21:30:06 Halton-News (from

Coco Paving worker suffered injuries to his arm and leg, Nebo Road company says.

Vice null Time15 December 2016 21:30:06

Paving Pickering’s roads

27 October 2016 00:34:55 Durham Region-News (from

PICKERING -- Longtime north Pickering resident Louis Mignault is pleased that he’ll have to wash his car a little less in the future thanks to a new roads strategy adopted by City council. “I have suffered for 30 years of that incredibly horrib

Vice null Time27 October 2016 00:34:55

Road accident in Saudi Arabia kills 15, injures 60

07 June 2016 14:41:57 Simcoe County-News (from

Road accident in Saudi Arabia kills 15, injures 60

Vice null Time07 June 2016 14:41:57

Construction worker seriously injured in accident on Burlwood Road

10 May 2016 21:54:36 Brampton-News (from

A construction worker has suffered serious injuries in an accident in the area of Goreway Drive and Burlwood Road this afternoon.

Vice Alle News Time10 May 2016 21:54:36

Serious accident closes Mountain Road in Collingwood

11 March 2016 01:15:09 Simcoe County-News (from

COLLINGWOOD – Mountain Road in Collingwood is closed for serious accident.

Vice Alle News Time11 March 2016 01:15:09

Orillia road work paves way for Costco

16 August 2015 13:08:08 Simcoe County-News (from

ORILLIA - Planned upgrades to a key traffic corridor in the city’s west end will help pave the way for a Costco store on University Avenue.

Vice Alle News Time16 August 2015 13:08:08