Stratford Perth Museum secures perpetual funding

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14 February 2018 22:20:01 Home Stories

Following the steps of Perth County, the city has agreed to enter into a perpetual funding agreement with the Stratford Perth Museum. Full article on Stratford Perth Museum secures perpetual funding

Vice Alle News Time14 February 2018 22:20:01


Perth County council endorses perpetual municipal funding agreement with Stratford Perth Museum

3.560811 01 February 2018 20:55:58 Home Stories

After receiving endorsement from Perth County council at Thursday’s regular meeting, the Stratford Perth Museum is one step closer to entering into a perpetual municipal funding agreement with both the county and the City of Stratford.

Vice Alle News Time01 February 2018 20:55:58

Perth County council votes against funding Stratford Perth residential hospice

1.660689 26 January 2017 16:39:22 Home Stories

When the Rotary Club of Stratford held a public meeting to gauge support for a residential hospice to serve the city and Perth County in 2012 the response exceeded all expectations.

Vice Alle News Time26 January 2017 16:39:22

Craft Beer Picnic on Stratford Perth Museum grounds taps into popular trend

1.5316758 19 June 2016 22:57:34 Home Stories

No ties or Aqua Velva for these dads. They got an afternoon out and some beer.

Vice Alle News Time19 June 2016 22:57:34

Lions, kings and quilts coming to Stratford Perth Museum in May

1.471735 05 April 2016 22:48:39 Home Stories

The Stratford Perth Museum will unveil four new exhibits in May, two that are being presented in conjunction with the Stratford Festival.

Vice Alle News Time05 April 2016 22:48:39

Stratford Perth Museum presents poignant look at Canada's liberation of Holland

1.471735 27 March 2016 18:09:21 Home Stories

The Stratford Perth Museum had planned for about 50 people to attend its presentation of the short film The Liberation of Holland two weeks ago.

Vice Alle News Time27 March 2016 18:09:21

Stratford-Perth Museum hosting re-enactment of Perth Regiment homecoming dance

1.3172362 10 December 2015 19:54:09 Home Stories

Nearly 70 years ago, the parade square on the top floor of the Stratford Armoury was packed with people gathered to welcome home the Perth Regiment after the end of the Second World War.

Vice Alle News Time10 December 2015 19:54:09

Local resident donates historic family heirloom to Stratford Perth Museum

1.3049083 07 December 2015 14:17:16 Home Stories

Granted, there are some things at Stratford Perth Museum older than the family heirloom donated by Diane Koert on Saturday.

Vice Alle News Time07 December 2015 14:17:16

Stratford Perth Community Foundation to announce new funds

1.2930355 08 October 2015 00:28:39 Home Stories

When David Johnston was appointed Governor General in October of 2010, his installation speech focused on the need to make Canada a "smart and caring nation."

Vice Alle News Time08 October 2015 00:28:39

Stratford Perth Museum receives money from federal government for two projects

1.2763964 30 July 2015 23:38:38 Home Stories

The Stratford Perth Museum has come a long way as evidenced by the federal government's investment of $36,165 in grant money to support two projects.

Vice Alle News Time30 July 2015 23:38:38

Perth council endorses bid to secure hospice funding

1.2763964 19 December 2014 17:19:38 Home Stories

Funding for a new 10-bed residential hospice took another step forward Thursday when Perth County council said it would offer a letter of support for the facility.

Vice Alle News Time19 December 2014 17:19:38