Ex-students testify in sexual assault trial of Chatham violin teacher Claude Eric Trachy

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14 February 2018 20:31:39 Home Stories

A woman testified Wednesday in the historic sexual offences trial of a retired Chatham violin teacher that she “very much trusted him” when he pushed to measure her breasts decades ago. Full article on Ex-students testify in sexual assault trial of Chatham violin teacher Claude Eric Trachy

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Ex-RCMP employee testifies at sex assault trial

0.78850853 15 June 2017 23:02:14 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Former RCMP employee alleging sexual assault tells court she has PTSD

Vice null Time15 June 2017 23:02:14

Ottawa teacher charged with sexual assault on a student

0.7598395 05 July 2016 21:15:29 Home Stories

An Ottawa teacher has been charged with sexual assault after police allege she was involved in a sexual relationship with one of her male students.

Vice Alle News Time05 July 2016 21:15:29

Sexual assault of young girls trial begins in Chatham

0.7598395 08 September 2015 23:39:00 Home Stories

Two women who came forward to Chatham-Kent police in recent years with information of being sexually assaulted when they were children are testifying in Superior Court this week in Chatham.

Vice Alle News Time08 September 2015 23:39:00

North Vancouver teacher charged with sexual assault of student

0.7073152 29 August 2015 01:27:48 The Province - News

A North Vancouver high school teacher has been arrested and charged in connection to the sexual assault of a female student spanning more than two years. Chad Jeremy Smith, a 39-year-old Langley resident, was arrested Thursday and has been charged with one count of sexual exploitation, a charge which applies to authority figures who sexually assault a minor.

Vice Alle News Time29 August 2015 01:27:48

Ex-Spit Ben Johnson testifies in his own defence at sexual assault trial

0.7073152 25 August 2015 01:36:37 Windsor Star - News

Former Windsor Spitfire Ben Johnson testified Monday he went to the washroom in front of a girl and called her a (expletive) dyke, but he never sexually assaulted her.

Vice Alle News Time25 August 2015 01:36:37

Accused takes stand in Chatham sexual assault trial

0.7073152 14 November 2014 23:05:14 Home Stories

A Chatham-Kent man accused of physical and sexual violence against his former girlfriend told a Chatham court Friday he is innocent.

Vice Alle News Time14 November 2014 23:05:14

UPDATE: Teacher accused of sexual assaulting a student

0.69909096 14 November 2014 18:25:43 Brampton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

An elementary school teacher is facing two charges relating to sexual assault.

Vice null Time14 November 2014 18:25:43

Teacher who sexually assaulted student avoids custody

0.6688512 11 September 2014 16:19:13 The StarPhoenix - News

Warning to readers: This story contains disturbing content ROSTHERN - A former elementary school teacher who sexually assaulted a student 50 years ago will not have to serve time behind bars if he obeys the terms of his community-based sentence. Raymond Eldon McHargue, 79, was sentenced Wednesday in Rosthern provincial court for fondling a young boy's genitals and forcing the student to touch him sexually while he was a teacher at Rosthern Elementary School in the early 1960s. The exact date on which the incident occurred is not known.

Vice Alle News Time11 September 2014 16:19:13

Former B.C. elementary teacher banned from the classroom for sexually assaulting ex-student over two-year period

0.6688512 24 July 2014 23:27:07 The Province - News

A Langley woman convicted of sexual interference with one of her former elementary school students has lost the right to ever teach in B.C. The B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation has ruled that Deborah Ralph can’t teach in public or independent schools, and is banned from even applying for a teaching certificate.

Vice Alle News Time24 July 2014 23:27:07

Ex-teacher gets 3 years for sexual assaults

0.64246505 25 June 2014 16:12:20 Halton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Former Renfrew, Ont., teacher gets three years for sexual assaults in '60s, '80s

Vice null Time25 June 2014 16:12:20