Olympian Marinaro happiest skating with a partner

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14 February 2018 13:52:37 Home Stories

For the first time, singles and pairs skaters at the Winter Olympics can compete to music with lyrics. Full article on Olympian Marinaro happiest skating with a partner

Vice Alle News Time14 February 2018 13:52:37


Sarnia's Michael Marinaro going to Olympics after winning bronze at Canadian figure skating championships

1.2084284 15 January 2018 02:11:07 Home Stories

The veterans of Canada’s figure skating team grew up together, and together at the Pyeongchang Olympics, they’ll write the final chapter of their careers.

Vice Alle News Time15 January 2018 02:11:07

Burlington actress happiest onstage

1.0573748 29 April 2016 23:44:21 Halton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Arinea Hermans is never happier than when she is onstage.

Vice Alle News Time29 April 2016 23:44:21

The happiest city in Canada is . . . Sudbury

1.0540146 22 April 2015 03:57:47 Halton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Many assume that wealth is a sign of happiness — but early research shows that health and community belongingness are better at predicting life satisfaction

Vice null Time22 April 2015 03:57:47

Why North Shore residents are the region’s happiest

0.9063212 27 October 2014 17:55:59 Vancouver Sun - News

From where he lives in North Vancouver, Gordon White can be kayaking in the Capilano River in five minutes, rock climbing in Squamish in under an hour or kicking back at a wine bar in downtown Vancouver in half an hour or less.

Vice Alle News Time27 October 2014 17:55:59

Canadian Olympian Kaetlyn Osmond out for fall skating season

0.9063212 16 September 2014 01:08:17 Edmonton Journal - News

OTTAWA — Canadian Olympian Kaetlyn Osmond will miss the fall figure skating season with a broken right leg. The 18-year-old from Marystown, N.L., underwent surgery on Friday at Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton. She was hurt during a practice session

Vice Alle News Time16 September 2014 01:08:17

Public skate in Barrie honours local Olympians

0.75526774 06 April 2014 22:06:25 Home Stories

Local Olympians and Paralympians were on hand for a free public skate on Saturday at the Allandale Recreation Centre.

Vice Alle News Time06 April 2014 22:06:25

Community skate Saturday to honour Barrie Olympians

0.75526774 05 April 2014 02:35:35 Home Stories

Local Olympians and Paralympians will be on hand for a free public skate on Saturday at the Allandale Recreation Centre.

Vice Alle News Time05 April 2014 02:35:35

Skate with Barrie's Olympians, Paralympians Saturday

0.75526774 02 April 2014 15:26:42 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Friday event also planned

Vice Sports Time02 April 2014 15:26:42

Canada ranked second-happiest nation on planet

0.5557918 21 March 2014 04:43:35 Ottawa Citizen - News

If you’re happy and you know it ... eat poutine.

Vice Alle News Time21 March 2014 04:43:35

Olympian puts skates on Kijiji for $7,000 to finance 2018 comeback

0.5557918 24 February 2014 23:16:10 Leader-Post - News

A Canadian short-track speedskater who won two medals at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin is selling her skates — and possibly one of the medals — to help finance a comeback for the 2018 Olympics.

Vice Alle News Time24 February 2014 23:16:10