Stratford Amnesty group hosts Have a Heart Day at Stratford Public Library

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11 February 2018 22:29:36 Home Stories

A group of Stratford residents showed plenty of heart Saturday. Full article on Stratford Amnesty group hosts Have a Heart Day at Stratford Public Library

Vice Alle News Time11 February 2018 22:29:36


Stratford chapter of Amnesty International hosts Write for Rights campaign Saturday

1.6874512 06 December 2017 20:23:04 Home Stories

The Stratford chapter of Amnesty International is again inviting local residents to join the worldwide struggle again human rights injustices.

Vice Alle News Time06 December 2017 20:23:04

Stratford Public Library hosting MakerSpace open house Saturday from 12 to 4 p.m.

1.5066907 17 November 2017 23:34:55 Home Stories

Saturday is a big day for the Stratford Public Library.

Vice Alle News Time17 November 2017 23:34:55

Stratford Public Library to host open house Nov. 18 for the public to see the library’s recently renovated auditorium

1.4604647 22 October 2017 21:07:37 Home Stories

After more than $200,000 in expenses and months of construction, Stratford Public Library’s new auditorium is only a few weeks away from being officially open to the public.

Vice Alle News Time22 October 2017 21:07:37

Stratford Public Library to present its new brand to the public in the coming days

1.387743 06 October 2017 19:55:01 Home Stories

Stratford Public Library’s board has officially chosen a new logo and brand image for the local organization, and it is only days away from presenting it to the public, The Beacon Herald has learned.

Vice Alle News Time06 October 2017 19:55:01

Stratford Public Library to host first-ever Comic-Con event Sept. 29-30

1.2336922 16 September 2017 06:28:40 Home Stories

Stratford comic books fans, save the dates.

Vice Alle News Time16 September 2017 06:28:40

Stratford Public Library hosting a tattoo-book matching social media session on July 17

1.2336922 06 July 2017 22:36:44 Home Stories

The Stratford Public Library has found a fun way to match ink on paper with ink on people.

Vice Alle News Time06 July 2017 22:36:44

Stratford Public Library money raised for renovations to be matched

1.2336922 10 February 2017 17:51:14 Home Stories

The Stratford Public Library has raised more than half of its $300,000 goal for auditorium renovations and a Makerspace.

Vice Alle News Time10 February 2017 17:51:14

Stratford Amnesty International Chapter hosts Write for Rights event

1.2146655 11 December 2016 22:30:28 Home Stories

Canada Post will have a deluge of letters and postcards to deliver but they aren't typical holiday greetings.

Vice Alle News Time11 December 2016 22:30:28

Stratford Public Library offering technology training sessions

1.1864158 21 February 2016 17:19:03 Home Stories

The Stratford Public Library's technology training sessions could help you get a handle on social media, or learn how to use Microsoft Word.

Vice Alle News Time21 February 2016 17:19:03

Stratford Public Library rolls the dice on Games Day

1.1864158 10 January 2016 18:18:34 Home Stories

It wasn’t all fun and games at the Stratford Public Library on the weekend.

Vice Alle News Time10 January 2016 18:18:34