Never stop learning at the library

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11 February 2018 12:54:45 Home Stories

"I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.” Full article on Never stop learning at the library

Vice Alle News Time11 February 2018 12:54:45


Never too young to learn about safety from Barrie firefighters

1.9685471 11 September 2017 22:02:35 Home Stories

What better way to get fire safety tips than from a firefighter?

Vice Alle News Time11 September 2017 22:02:35

Never too old to learn

1.757891 13 May 2017 12:32:14 Home Stories

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a common refrain when talking about technology and seniors.

Vice Alle News Time13 May 2017 12:32:14

Learn by doing at the library

1.757891 10 April 2017 14:36:20 Home Stories

Every day at the library, I hear a patron say “oops” or “sorry- I don’t know what I’m doing”. Young and old, everyone wants to do their best- whether it’s building a popsicle stick bridge or using Google for the first time. While this is a natural response, wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead we reacted with, “cool, how did that happen?” or “intere

Vice Alle News Time10 April 2017 14:36:20

LIBRARY LINE: Learning to love reading

1.5569394 06 March 2017 15:50:30 Home Stories

We all know reading is an essential life skill, but did you know there are six skills needed to learn to read successfully? In the years from birth to around age five, children need to develop these early literacy skills before they learn how to read. The children’s programs at Belleville Public Library provide an exciting and fun environment in wh

Vice Alle News Time06 March 2017 15:50:30

Libraries continue to evolve with learning and available technology

1.5381546 06 March 2017 15:21:28 Home Stories

Learning. From the moment we are born, we begin learning. Much of this early learning is experiential in nature. Babies and children learn through their actions and the actions of others; they learn to relate to the world immediately around them.

Vice Alle News Time06 March 2017 15:21:28

Learn how to treat yourself at the library

1.5381546 05 February 2017 15:07:49 Home Stories

"Dare to love yourself

Vice Alle News Time05 February 2017 15:07:49

Pickering library one of 12 in online learning initiative

1.4764103 17 January 2017 16:42:13 Durham Region-News (from

PICKERING — The Pickering library is one of 12 in North America to take part in an online learning initiative. Building an Effective Learning Culture (BELC) goes from January to July, with a team of three to five people working with a virtual ment

Vice Alle News Time17 January 2017 16:42:13

LIBRARY LINE: Learn how to buy and sell online at the library

1.3345195 21 March 2016 17:31:19 Home Stories

With the winter season almost behind us, it’s time to look ahead to spring and a favourite (or dreaded) activity: spring cleaning. This is a great opportunity to clean out your space and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Selling it yourself is a great way to make some money and recycle your surplus items. Not sure how or where to begin to s

Vice Alle News Time21 March 2016 17:31:19

Egbert’s Rose Bowen never stopped helping others

1.3192227 21 December 2015 21:08:38 Simcoe County-News (from

EGBERT - Rose Bowen 1947-2015

Vice null Time21 December 2015 21:08:38

Opinion: Alberta never learns its fiscal lesson

1.3184183 30 December 2014 15:20:38 Edmonton Journal - News

There used to be this saying in the Terrace Building, the old home of Alberta Treasury: “When things were good, they were very, very good. When things were bad, they were really, really bad.” When oil prices are high in Alberta, all government revenues ride high: more employment brings more people and personal income tax; higher oil prices mean higher corporate profits and more corporate income taxes. Good times mean more car registrations, higher real estate values, more homes being built, more gas pumped; more alcohol and restaurant meals consumed; more trucks and luxury cars sold and more food and clothes sold in retail establishments.

Vice Alle News Time30 December 2014 15:20:38