President Donald Trump warns of immigration dangers, touts economy in SOTU

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31 January 2018 15:54:57 Home Stories

Addressing a deeply divided nation, President Donald Trump summoned the country to a “new American moment” of unity in his first State of the Union address, challenging Congress to make good on long-standing promises to fix a fractured immigration system and warning darkly of evil forces seeking to undermine America’s way of life. Full article on President Donald Trump warns of immigration dangers, touts economy in SOTU

Vice Alle News Time31 January 2018 15:54:57


Donald Trump touts nuclear strength as Rex Tillerson urges calm on North Korea

0.81373775 09 August 2017 15:43:04 Home Stories

President Donald Trump declared the U.S. nuclear arsenal “far stronger and more powerful than ever before,” even as his top diplomat was working to calm the North Korea crisis and insisting there wasn’t “any imminent threat.”

Vice Alle News Time09 August 2017 15:43:04

Live: Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States

0.71472126 20 January 2017 19:45:47 Ottawa Citizen - News

It's a big day in American history as Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office. We will keep this post updated with live video, including from our Postmedia reporters in Washington, D.C. Watch the events live here: Here is reaction to Trump's speech from Postmedia journalists: Read our full guide to Inauguration Day here.

Vice null Time20 January 2017 19:45:47

The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump presidency 16 years ago

0.71472126 09 November 2016 22:54:21 Home Stories

The Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency 16 years ago in a 2000 episode titled “Bart to the Future.”

Vice Alle News Time09 November 2016 22:54:21

What Donald Trump's presidential victory could mean for Canada's economy

0.71472126 09 November 2016 16:26:49 Ottawa Citizen - News

TORONTO - A Donald Trump administration, combined with a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives, could have reverberations that will be felt by the Canadian economy for years.

Vice null Time09 November 2016 16:26:49

How the world reacted to Donald Trump, President Of The United States Of America

0.6781148 09 November 2016 14:33:24 Ottawa Citizen - News

The world, quite obviously, was not expecting to wake up to President-elect Donald Trump. Here's a selection of front pages and reactions from around the globe:

Vice null Time09 November 2016 14:33:24

For Donald Trump, a day of political whiplash on immigration

0.6781148 01 September 2016 14:06:16 Brampton-News (from

For Donald Trump, a day of political whiplash on immigration

Vice null Time01 September 2016 14:06:16

Donald Trump officially becomes Republican nominee for president, capping remarkable climb

0.63960975 20 July 2016 02:29:05 Ottawa Citizen - News

It was still a remarkable moment. A little more than a year before, Trump had seemed like an afterthought: a reality-TV star with no political experience

Vice null Time20 July 2016 02:29:05

With eye on general election, Donald Trump retreats on torture, immigration policies

0.59829944 05 March 2016 18:40:41 The Province - News

‘I will use every legal power that I have to stop these terrorist enemies,’ a statement by Trump said. ‘I do, however, understand that the U.S. is bound by laws and treaties’

Vice Alle News Time05 March 2016 18:40:41

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president

0.595601 26 February 2016 20:01:41 Simcoe County-News (from

Anxious to slow Trump, both Rubio and Cruz go after him

Vice null Time26 February 2016 20:01:41

NBC cutting ties to Donald Trump over 'derogatory' remarks about immigrants

0.595601 29 June 2015 20:27:56 Home Stories

NEW YORK -- A petition asking NBC to fire Donald Trump has collected more than 200,000 signatures.

Vice Alle News Time29 June 2015 20:27:56