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13 January 2018 12:44:50 Home Stories

Let me start of by saying, Happy New Year! 2017 is behind us and it is time to focus on 2018. Full article on Resolutions for Your Home

Vice Alle News Time13 January 2018 12:44:50


Leave your pet at home, not in your car!

2.3988059 21 June 2017 22:13:50 Home Stories

The consequences of leaving a pet in a vehicle have become an increasingly popular topic the past few years.

Vice Alle News Time21 June 2017 22:13:50

Keep your New Year's resolution by cutting clutter in York Region

2.3988059 23 January 2017 20:03:00 York Region-Community (from

You can still legitimately embark on your New Years resolution without feeling silly for procrastinating too long. If your mission is decluttering, there are plenty of avenues you can take.

Vice null Time23 January 2017 20:03:00

Make your rental space more functional and fashionable as your New Year's resolution

1.999005 22 December 2016 19:26:36 York Region-Community (from

Bigger is often considered better, but consider breaking this rule with your New Year's resolution this year. How? Commit to making your smaller living space a place that's more fashionable and functional.

Vice null Time22 December 2016 19:26:36

Fence fundamentals for your home

1.999005 04 September 2016 14:28:25 Home Stories

When we think of the key elements of a home, we tend to think about the kitchen or the bathroom. We may think about our yard and the landscaping that help us enjoy summers in the yard. However, we don’t often think about something that is quite important in a home—the fence.

Vice Alle News Time04 September 2016 14:28:25

Hardwood options for your home

1.999005 14 August 2016 15:14:19 Home Stories

Have you ever considered how much abuse our floors go through on a daily basis? We walk on them, we spill various liquids on them and we even drag heavy objects across them. We also expect our floors to stand up to the daily wear and tear while looking good and fitting the aesthetics of a home.

Vice Alle News Time14 August 2016 15:14:19

Driving: 10 achievable New Year’s resolutions — for your car

1.999005 04 January 2016 16:08:07 The Province - News

Here are a few things you can commit to achieving with your car in 2016.

Vice Alle News Time04 January 2016 16:08:07

Mindful ways to keep your New Year's resolutions

1.8139533 04 January 2016 15:10:17 York Region-Community (from

Whatever your resolution, be it working out more or eating healthier, experts say mindfulness strategies can help

Vice null Time04 January 2016 15:10:17

4 apps to help track your new year’s resolutions

1.8038989 29 December 2015 15:50:33 Home Stories

Don’t go it alone – use your phone!

Vice Alle News Time29 December 2015 15:50:33

Company hired to supply high-resolution aerial photos of every Edmonton home

1.7616333 11 March 2015 01:09:51 Edmonton Journal - News

City councillors approved a new five-year deal for a U.S. company to take high-resolution aerial images of every home in Edmonton.

Vice Alle News Time11 March 2015 01:09:51

Information Update - Let Canada's Food Guide help with your resolutions about healthy eating

1.7616333 19 January 2015 18:30:28 CNW Group - Today's news releases

OTTAWA, Jan. 19, 2015 /CNW/ - It's that time of year when many Canadians are struggling to keep their resolutions about healthy eating. But eating better isn't hard. Eating Well with Canada's Food ...

Vice Alle News Time19 January 2015 18:30:28