Nordlys gives platform for local stories

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12 January 2018 12:38:34 Home Stories

It took one trip as a spectator to the Nordlys Film and Arts Festival for Ben Wilson to become a convert. Full article on Nordlys gives platform for local stories

Vice Alle News Time12 January 2018 12:38:34


Spotify launches platform for local advertisers

1.6685145 13 March 2018 17:51:18 Durham Region-News (from

Spotify launches do-it-yourself platform in Canada for local advertisers

Vice null Time13 March 2018 17:51:18

Nordlys books international filmmaker

1.4301553 08 December 2017 12:42:15 Home Stories

Nordlys Film Festival will host its first international film maker at this year’s event.

Vice Alle News Time08 December 2017 12:42:15

Local artist interprets Innisfil's stories

0.9842506 28 July 2017 20:33:41 Home Stories

A new art exhibit in Innisfil is re-imagining the memories of the community.

Vice Alle News Time28 July 2017 20:33:41

Local students give it their all

0.872716 15 June 2017 00:21:01 Home Stories

Photos by Dave Dawson/The Packet & Times

Vice Alle News Time15 June 2017 00:21:01

Nordlys shines a light on local productions

0.81804025 04 February 2017 15:01:19 Home Stories

The Nordlys Film and Arts Festival has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the basement of the Olson family house.

Vice Alle News Time04 February 2017 15:01:19

‘100’ documents local fish story

0.81804025 27 May 2016 21:31:37 Home Stories

A film documenting the reintroduction of the westslope cutthroat trout into Rainbow Lake will be previewed in Canmore and it is narrated by a local fisherman who was involved in the project.

Vice Alle News Time27 May 2016 21:31:37

Nordlys offers chance for local talent to shine

0.79803103 05 February 2016 03:11:43 Home Stories

Hans Olson started out in the audience at the Nordlys Film Festival, back when it was held at Pretty Hill, his family’s property near Bittern Lake. This year, a film he directed, Figurine, will be shown to Nordlys attendees.

Vice Alle News Time05 February 2016 03:11:43

Give a gift of local Heritage

0.79803103 12 December 2015 00:07:29 Home Stories

There are only 65 copies left of the seminal history of West Gwillimbury, Governor Simcoe Slept Here – a two-volume hard-bound publication by The Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association. Chockfull of historic photos, fascinating family histories and reminiscences of days gone by, Governor Simcoe Slept Here makes a wonderful gift for any

Vice Alle News Time12 December 2015 00:07:29

India orders TV stations not to give rapist a platform

0.79803103 03 March 2015 23:23:09 Brampton-News (from

Convicted of killing New Delhi bus attack victim, rapist says she shouldn't have fought back

Vice null Time03 March 2015 23:23:09

Local veteran shares war stories

0.79803103 09 December 2014 22:52:51 Life Stories

An Airdrie resident was honoured with the request to share his story earlier this month.

Vice Alle News Time09 December 2014 22:52:51