Editorial: PM’s conflict ruling no joking matter

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11 January 2018 23:45:32 Home Stories

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to think being the first sitting PM to violate a federal statute is something to chuckle about. It’s unlikely many Canadians share this assessment. Full article on Editorial: PM’s conflict ruling no joking matter

Vice Alle News Time11 January 2018 23:45:32


Editorial: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s growing list of gaffes no joke

1.005379 07 February 2018 01:29:49 Home Stories

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has outdone himself this time. The PM has already chalked up a pretty good list of greatest gaffes.

Vice Alle News Time07 February 2018 01:29:49

Editorial: PM’s progressivism doesn’t include Iran

1.005379 09 January 2018 23:30:46 Home Stories

It’s been one of the most powerful images to come out of the Iranian uprising: A young woman standing on a platform, facing a crowd, her long hair out for all to see as she holds a stick with white fabric tied to it.

Vice Alle News Time09 January 2018 23:30:46

Liberal wrote CRTC despite conflict rule

0.8862635 25 August 2016 17:25:00 Brampton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Liberal supported TV licence renewal despite conflict-of-interest guideline

Vice null Time25 August 2016 17:25:00

EDITORIAL: Kindness matters

0.8797066 09 March 2016 12:05:24 Home Stories

Twenty years of kindness.

Vice Alle News Time09 March 2016 12:05:24

Editorial: Why the Sunshine List matters

0.7400772 26 March 2015 20:57:06 Your online community newspaper for Hamilton, Ontario and area

For the person on the street the list matters. They steam at the growing list of public servants making six-figures, providing confirmation that municipalities, school boards, police, health care facilities and education institutions are out of touch with the real world.

Vice null Time26 March 2015 20:57:06

Jenn Jefferys: Why a pub's sexist joke matters

0.7252396 20 March 2015 23:31:15 Ottawa Citizen - News

Remember that time when you hit up a pub on Elgin, a club in the Market, a bar in the Glebe, or a bistro in Hintonburg, and didn’t witness or experience any kind of sexism? Me neither. That’s not to say this city is consciously catapulting itself back into the 1950s. By and large, Ottawa is actually a relatively progressive city. But you don’t have to look far below the surface to catch the insidious undercurrent of sexism prevalent in our local institutions, on our post-secondary campuses, and indisputably, throughout the Ottawa nightlife. I wasn’t alone in my rage this week when a staff member at the popular new pub in Lansdowne Park, LOCAL, wrote a wildly offensive “ joke ” on their promotional outdoor chalkboard that went locally viral on Twitter. I ranted, as I usually do, across social media amongst my networks. My fellow feminist friends chimed in. Some debated me on the severity of the offence and claimed (as usual) that we were “blowing this little mistake out of proportion.” No need to boycott a great new watering hole, I heard. No need to overreact; the message was erased and a genuine apology Tweeted out promptly afterward. No big deal, right? But a blatant declaration of a lack of respect for women outside a restaurant and bar is not OK. According to Statistics Canada in 2011, more than 600,000 Canadian women reported having been assaulted in the past five years. According to a fall 2014 study from the Ottawa Hospital Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program (SAPACP), one in four sexual assaults occurs at festivals, parties and other group events, known as mass gatherings. In 2010, 81 per cent of all sexual assaults reported involved sexual touching, unwanted grabbing, kissing, or fondling. If you’re like me and reading this kind of stuff gives you a horrible, triggering feeling in the pit of your stomach – unfortunately, you cannot afford to ignore it. I would argue that the worst thing we can do as a culture, as a woman or a man, is let these feelings paralyze us. How often have you been on the dance floor at Babylon or sitting at the bar at El Camino after hours, and someone familiar (or unfamiliar) comes up behind you and touches you? Or tries to kiss your neck? Or whispers an explicit, inappropriate something in your ear? No one should ever feel pressure to give these predatory individuals the time of day. If you’re witness to this behaviour, stepping in and taking charge with “bystander intervention” is encouraged. This is how we can manifest change; by stopping the act cold in its tracks. Making it blatantly clear in that moment that the behaviour is undesired and inappropriate; reversing the cultural norm in its tracks. According to a recent study of sexual assaults in Ontario, 74 per cent involved the use of alcohol and/or drugs. When drugs or alcohol are involved, particularly at mass gatherings, it’s easy for this type of predatory behaviour to become normalized, and even ignored completely, by those who aren’t directly involved. Calling out something as simple as a sexist message on a pub’s outdoor chalkboard is a prime example of intervention. Even better in my opinion? Boycotting such a business altogether until their staff in its entirety receives sexual sensitivity training from a great local feminist organization. As a young woman who’s experienced more first-hand and second-hand sexual violence in this city than I am capable of articulating, I don’t think we can afford to act otherwise. Staying in and staying sober every weekend, keeping a man around “for protection,” travelling everywhere in a giant group, and subjecting ourselves to lives of subjugation is not only unrealistic, it’s completely ineffective. What is effective? Shifting the conversation around gendered violence and actively committing to manifesting real, sustainable change within our community so that women feel safe and equal whether they’re in the office, or at the pub. Jenn Jefferys is an Ottawa-based digital communicator freelance journalist.

Vice null Time20 March 2015 23:31:15

Finley broke conflict rules: ethics watchdog

0.7252396 10 March 2015 19:10:46 Halton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Preferential treatment given rabbi with strong Tory ties: ethics watchdog

Vice null Time10 March 2015 19:10:46

Editorial: Workplace rules apply to MPs too

0.7252396 12 November 2014 16:21:05 Edmonton Journal - News

Even a workplace that drips with symbolism and democratic gravitas needs to make sure there is a system in place to deal with complaints of harassment and other bad behaviour between co-workers. Allegations of “personal misconduct” last week that prompted Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to suspend two party MPs — and rapid-fire criticism of Trudeau’s actions — brought into sharp focus that such a system is absent on Parliament Hill.

Vice Alle News Time12 November 2014 16:21:05

Tuesday Editorial: Schools must play by rules

0.7252396 07 October 2014 14:51:46 Edmonton Journal - News

It feels mean-spirited to say that Edmonton schools should bar international students from attending class if their parents fail to pay the five-figure annual fees. But with the rules of fair play in mind, that seems to be the only choice available to the Edmonton public school district. The issue was raised last week after nine children from two Libyan families were kicked out of their public schools.

Vice Alle News Time07 October 2014 14:51:46

Thursday’s Editorial: Rules good, followup even better

0.7199124 25 September 2014 16:24:59 Edmonton Journal - News

The Prentice government hit the ground running in its first seven days. In a series of astute decisions — dumping scandal-plagued planes, keeping the Michener Centre open, dropping ill-advised pension bills and costly licence plate changes — the government reversed some egregious policy failures and corrected major political mistakes. Of course, the public mood on most of these issues was not hard to read, but Premier Jim Prentice’s decisive actions are refreshing, an encouraging start.

Vice Alle News Time25 September 2014 16:24:59