IBL releases 2017 schedule; Barrie Baycats open May 7

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17 February 2017 19:12:25 Home Stories

The Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) has released its schedule for the 2017 season. Full article on IBL releases 2017 schedule; Barrie Baycats open May 7

Vice Alle News Time17 February 2017 19:12:25


Halton Region releases 2017 waste collection schedule

1.831287 30 January 2017 17:28:02 Halton-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

Halton Region is advising residents to check their mailboxes this week for its 2017 waste collection schedule.

Vice Alle News Time30 January 2017 17:28:02

Barrie Baycats open 2016 IBL season on Saturday at home

1.5260725 07 May 2016 01:16:44 Home Stories

With temperatures increasing and flowers blooming, spring means the rebirth of many things to different people.

Vice Alle News Time07 May 2016 01:16:44

Barrie Baycats receive rings for 2015 IBL season

1.5260725 02 May 2016 21:23:37 Home Stories

The Barrie Baycats handed out their championship rings for the 2015 Intercounty Baseball League season on Saturday.

Vice Alle News Time02 May 2016 21:23:37

Barrie Baycats repeat as IBL champs

1.4085864 02 September 2015 16:58:59 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

BARRIE - Whether or not you should call it a dynasty remains up for debate, but thing is certain — the Barrie Baycats are the premier franchise in the Inter-County Baseball League for the second year in a row.

Vice null Time02 September 2015 16:58:59

Barrie Baycats win IBL title

1.4085864 02 September 2015 15:17:21 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

BARRIE - The Barrie Baycats are Intercounty Baseball League champions once again.

Vice null Time02 September 2015 15:17:21

Barrie Baycats veteran Glenn Jackson without an IBL title

1.2073598 29 August 2015 02:25:13 Home Stories

The Barrie Baycats have been a close-knit group for a while now.

Vice Alle News Time29 August 2015 02:25:13

Barrie Baycats take game one in IBL championship series

1.2073598 26 August 2015 16:47:36 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

BARRIE - In Barrie, the Baycats opened the IBL championship series for the Jack and Lynne Dominico Trophy with a 4-3 win over the Kitchener Panthers Tuesday night.

Vice null Time26 August 2015 16:47:36

Barrie Baycats look for win in IBL championship opener

1.0061331 25 August 2015 18:58:31 Simcoe County-News (from http://rss.metroland.com)

BARRIE - Barrie hosts Kitchener tonight at Coates Stadium in Midhurst

Vice Sports Time25 August 2015 18:58:31

Barrie Baycats, Kitchener Panthers open IBL final on Tuesday night

1.0061331 25 August 2015 03:15:45 Home Stories

The Barrie Baycats are looking to go back-to-back.

Vice Alle News Time25 August 2015 03:15:45

A Game 7 victory puts Barrie in fourth consecutive IBL championship series

1.0061331 22 August 2015 01:42:33 Home Stories

The Barrie Baycats found themselves in a pressure situation once again.

Vice Alle News Time22 August 2015 01:42:33