Government to compensate torture victims

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17 February 2017 18:41:59 Brampton-News (from

Government to compensate torture victims nine years after inquiry findings Full article on Government to compensate torture victims

Vice null Time17 February 2017 18:41:59


Government apology, money for torture victims

3.1701417 17 March 2017 22:43:52 Simcoe County-News (from

Government compensates and apologizes to Canadians tortured in Syria

Vice null Time17 March 2017 22:43:52

Rape victim 'properly' denied compensation

3.1701417 05 December 2016 21:03:13 Durham Region-News (from

Judge wrong to order award to residential school rape victim, government says

Vice null Time05 December 2016 21:03:13

Cancel torture directives, says past victim

1.6943638 03 May 2016 18:03:42 Brampton-News (from

Government needs to cancel torture directives, says torture victim

Vice null Time03 May 2016 18:03:42

Thai captains jailed and ordered to compensate fishing slaves they tortured and worked 24 hours a day

1.4523119 11 March 2016 17:51:06 Vancouver Sun - News

Thirteen fishermen from Myanmar testified they had been tortured, forced to work up to 24 hours a day and were locked in a prison-like cell

Vice Alle News Time11 March 2016 17:51:06

University of Saskatchewan offers compensation to vandalism victims

1.4523119 13 May 2015 20:09:17 The StarPhoenix - News

The University of Saskatchewan has set up a relief fund to help students whose vehicles were smashed and looted in a campus parking lot over the weekend.

Vice Alle News Time13 May 2015 20:09:17

Settlement reached in Lac-Mégantic lawsuit to compensate victims

1.4523119 10 January 2015 01:58:11 Ottawa Citizen - News

Victims of the 2013 rail disaster in Lac-Megantic, Que., have reached a major financial settlement with the railway that was at the heart of the deadly tragedy.

Vice null Time10 January 2015 01:58:11

$200M settlement reached for Lac-Mégantic victim compensation

1.4523119 10 January 2015 01:22:15 Vancouver Sun - News

Victims of the 2013 rail disaster in Lac-Megantic, Que., have reached a major financial settlement with the railway that was at the heart of the deadly tragedy.

Vice Alle News Time10 January 2015 01:22:15

GM compensation fund makes first offers to victims, gets more claims

1.4523119 25 September 2014 19:43:40 Money Stories

The fund to compensate for deaths or injuries linked to General Motors Co. vehicles with faulty ignition switches this week made its first cash offers to about 15 people, the office of the lawyer overseeing the program said on Wednesday.

Vice Financial Time25 September 2014 19:43:40

Compensation delay adds to trauma, machete victim says

1.4523119 04 September 2014 23:45:51 The StarPhoenix - News

A man who was unable to work after he was attacked with his own machete says victim services' slow financial help is victimizing him all over again.

Vice Alle News Time04 September 2014 23:45:51

Woodlands victims wait years for decision on compensation

1.4126345 29 July 2014 03:04:12 Vancouver Sun - News

Many victims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse at the infamous Woodlands facility have yet to receive compensation from the province, with a process that was expected to take a year or two dragging out to almost four years and counting. The now-demolished New Westminster facility was operated by the province as a residential care home for mentally challenged children and adults until it was shuttered in 1996.

Vice Alle News Time29 July 2014 03:04:12