Collingwood Hospital adjusting visiting hours

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17 February 2017 18:01:52 Simcoe County-News (from

COLLINGWOOD – Collingwood General and Marine Hospital is adjusting its visiting hours. Full article on Collingwood Hospital adjusting visiting hours

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HHS welcomes 24-hour visitation

1.7532854 03 March 2016 03:57:22 Halton-News (from

Hamilton Health Sciences has moved to 24-hour visitation at all three of its hospitals in the city.

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RVH allows 24-hour visiting in Barrie

1.7532854 11 February 2016 14:16:45 Simcoe County-News (from

BARRIE - Starting today, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is doing away with its traditional visiting hours.

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RVH tweaking visiting hours

1.629259 25 November 2015 21:27:02 Home Stories

(STAFF) — Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is revamping its traditional visiting hours.

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Barrie's RVH phasing out visiting hours

1.4610711 23 November 2015 17:54:35 Simcoe County-News (from

BARRIE - Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is getting rid of its visiting hours policy in the New Year.

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Orillia hospital ends visiting hour restrictions

1.4610711 18 November 2015 23:05:23 Simcoe County-News (from

ORILLIA - Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital has eliminated a long-standing policy that governed when family and friends visited patients.

Vice Alle News Time18 November 2015 23:05:23

Organization urges Canadian hospitals to open up visiting hours

1.1585381 18 November 2015 20:09:31 Simcoe County-News (from

MIDLAND – GBGH absent from list of facilities given top marks for promoting family presence

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Group calls on hospitals to up visiting hours

1.0645881 10 November 2015 15:07:44 Durham Region-News (from

Advocacy group wants hospitals to expand visiting hours, says better for patients

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Orillia hospital looking at loosening up on current visiting hours

1.0137209 07 May 2015 02:20:07 Home Stories

At 8 p.m. every day, the PA system at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) makes the same announcement: Visiting hours, which begin at 3 p.m., are over.

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Collingwood hospital temporarily closes main hospital doors one hour earlier

0.97789925 04 November 2014 17:43:20 Simcoe County-News (from

COLLINGWOOD — The local hospital will be shutting its main doors an hour earlier while screening precautions for the Ebola virus are in place.

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Parking lot construction at Collingwood hospital

0.97789925 22 September 2014 16:45:24 Simcoe County-News (from

COLLINGWOOD - Hospital parking lot construction will run through the fall, parking lot remains open.

Vice Alle News Time22 September 2014 16:45:24