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WRONG!: Anything but boring...

09 February 2017 12:44:48 Home Stories

All my adult life I have been hearing that Canada and Canadians are boring. This used to be spoken, and rather proudly, by Canadians, the underlying message being that the speakers were exceptions. I have almost become inured to that nonsense. Recently, however, I received a letter from a friend, a Canadian familiar more than most with this country

Vice Alle News Time09 February 2017 12:44:48


‘I don’t have anything to be ashamed of’

01 June 2016 02:25:29 Halton-News (from

A Cambridge woman who was sexually abused for years in her teens by her stepfather took the unusual step of allowing her name to be published, saying she has no reason to feel ashamed.

Vice null Time01 June 2016 02:25:29

Perch will eat anything: Orillia festival organizer

29 April 2016 21:02:50 Simcoe County-News (from

ORILLIA - With a reputation for being aggressive, perch have no hesitation about taking a bite at anything that swims past them.

Vice Alle News Time29 April 2016 21:02:50

When 'health care' is anything but

28 March 2016 21:23:31 Home Stories

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, may be rolling over in his grave. Why? He preached, "First, do no harm." I recently read a report in the Journal of Molecular Medicine called "Death by medicine." It's the most damning medical report card ever issued. It claims huge numbers of patients are being injured and killed by conventional medicine. There

Vice Alle News Time28 March 2016 21:23:31

Parents never suspected anything wrong

25 March 2016 15:47:03 Home Stories

A mother paused to wipe back tears on the witness stand in Chatham court Thursday during the trial of a man accused of sexually touching her young daughter.

Vice Alle News Time25 March 2016 15:47:03

Superheroes: Anything but a Deadpool of ideas for filmmakers

14 February 2016 17:45:52 The Province - News

We look at the enduring popularity of the legends of comic books at theatres and on TV, from Smallville to Deadpool and beyond.

Vice Alle News Time14 February 2016 17:45:52

Taylor would do 'anything for love': Report

09 December 2015 23:52:04 Home Stories

Avery Taylor was prepared to do “anything” to gain Shayne Lund’s love — even supply him with children for his perverted sexual needs, a psychiatric assessment says.

Vice Alle News Time09 December 2015 23:52:04

Rescue team firefighters train for ‘anything outside the ordinary’

01 July 2015 04:25:29 Edmonton Journal - News

A specialty crew with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services spent Tuesday training on the massive pillars of the High Level Bridge, readying for rescues from towering structures. The technical rescue team responds to “anything outside the ordinary,” said co-ordinator Russell Kocuper, such as patients trapped by roof or trench collapses, under heavy equipment, or who have fallen distances.

Vice Alle News Time01 July 2015 04:25:29

Turn anything into a game controller with Makey Makey

23 May 2015 12:02:30 Entertainment Stories

There is a phrase that pops up in music and fashion all the time. "Retro is in." Turns out, it's true for video games as well.

Vice Entertainment Time23 May 2015 12:02:30

Habs not taking anything for granted

21 April 2015 03:29:33 Sports Stories

After pushing the Senators to the brink of elimination, the Montreal Canadiens escaped Ottawa for a couple days in favour of the privacy and comfort of Mont Tremblant.

Vice Sports Time21 April 2015 03:29:33