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Red River rising

30 March 2017 18:21:41 Home Stories

It was bound to happen.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 18:21:41


Foyer’s finer details revealed

30 March 2017 17:58:45 Home Stories

The final showpieces of the newly renovated city hall foyer are now in place.The interactive front entrance now bodes a touchscreen monitor where visitors can access information about the city.Thursday’s ceremonial reopening of the accessible space culminated with the unveiling of renowned architect Bill White’s scale model of city hall, used in th

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 17:58:45

Wynne's approval rating at shockingly low 12%

30 March 2017 17:41:02 Home Stories

A majority of Ontarians find their hydro bills “very unreasonable” and fear selling off Hydro One will only force electricity prices higher, a new Angus Reid Institute poll found.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 17:41:02

Bradford man faces 3 charges

30 March 2017 17:16:30 Home Stories

BRADFORD – A woman was assaulted and had a chair thrown at her Sunday evening during the dinner hour.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 17:16:30

Two family doctors coming to Bancroft

30 March 2017 17:13:54 Home Stories

Hastings County is adding two new doctors to its roster of successful applicants in its physician recruitment program.Warden Rodney Cooney announced Thursday the program has once again been successful with the addition of Drs. Eric Blanchard and Jennifer Gerasimoff. The doctors have signed on to practise family medicine in the northern reaches of t

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 17:13:54

Hastings County approves budget

30 March 2017 17:13:54 Home Stories

Hastings County councillors have approved their 2017 budget.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 17:13:54

uReport: Amputees find modern day inspiration from Vimy battle survivors

30 March 2017 16:39:27 Brampton-News (from

The Battle of Vimy Ridge may have been 100 years ago, but it continues to have modern-day lessons for amputees like Rob Larman and Tiffany Ross of Toronto.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:39:27

10 tips to remember when you're driving in the rain

30 March 2017 16:37:22 Home Stories

At the onset of spring and April showers, here are a few tips on how to drive safely in the wet.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:37:22

Battery bag recycling program changing

30 March 2017 16:29:00 Home Stories

Quinte area residents are being asked to use their own bags when now recycling used batteries.Households will no longer receive battery bags in the mail as has been the standard for the past number of years. Instead, residents can now use whichever re-sealable plastic bag they have at home to recycle their intact household batteries on their recycl

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:29:00

Public intoxication; foot pursuit

30 March 2017 16:06:33 Home Stories

Public intoxicationA city man was arrested for his own protection Wednesday evening following an incident on Sidney Street.City police were called to an apartment building just after 9:30 p.m. in relation to a “disturbance.” A 33-year-old Belleville man was located outside the building and arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. He was is

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:06:33

Free Graphic Design courses in Bradford

30 March 2017 16:00:51 Home Stories

BradfordWORKS and EPIC (Enterprise Promotion and Innovation Centre) are offering the next free class in a Multimedia Apprenticeship program in Bradford.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:00:51

Newmarket man surrenders to police

30 March 2017 16:00:51 Home Stories

BRADFORD – A Newmarket man faces four charges in connection with a stabbing outside a restaurant Monday night.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 16:00:51

Peel cop demoted for ‘serious misuse of power’ in traffic court

30 March 2017 15:57:38 Brampton-News (from

A Peel Regional Police officer has been slapped with a two-year demotion for helping a fellow officer’s ‘good buddy’ get away with a speeding ticket handed to him during a traffic stop in Mississauga.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:57:38

Uber’s self-driving program is off the rails

30 March 2017 15:47:42 Life Stories

Internal report says its autonomous cars can't even go a single mile before a person has to take control

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:47:42

Jealous guy has girlfriend rattled

30 March 2017 15:44:08 Home Stories

Dear Amy: I am a 26-year-old woman who bartends and is starting a career in real estate.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:44:08

UPDATE: Dixie Road closed for hours after truck crashes into hydro pole in Brampton and knocks down wires

30 March 2017 15:24:02 Brampton-News (from

A truck crashed into a hydro pole and fire hydrant on Dixie Road in Brampton on the evening of Wednesday, March 29, knocking down wires and forcing crews to turn off hydro in the area during repairs.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:24:02

Special weather statement issued for Simcoe County

30 March 2017 15:21:50 Simcoe County-News (from

SIMCOE COUNTY - Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Barrie, Collingwood, Hillsdale, Midland, Coldwater, Orr Lake, Orillia, Washago, Lagoon City, Innisfil, New Tecumseth and Angus.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:21:50

Holy Trinity HS students on the road to Vimy

30 March 2017 15:09:38 Home Stories

On April 9, 1917, four Canadian Divisions, fighting as a unified Canadian Corps for the first time, succeeded where others had failed, and captured Vimy Ridge from German forces. The attack was launched at 5:30 a.m. on Easter Monday morning. By the time it was over, a total of 3,598 Canadians had lost their lives in the assault – among the 60,000 C

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:09:38

Vulnerable Persons Registry officially launches

30 March 2017 15:09:37 Home Stories

Monday saw the official launch of the partnership between South Simcoe Police and CHATS (Community & Home Assistance to Seniors), to bring the new online Vulnerable Persons Registry to residents of South Simcoe.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 15:09:37

Daughter’s autism diagnosis leads Milton woman to open learning centre

30 March 2017 14:52:07 Halton-News (from

MILTON — When Anna Tea’s daughter was diagnosed with autism early last year, she made a decision that would change her life.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 14:52:07

125 hectares of marsh land destroyed by fire at Point Pelee National Park

30 March 2017 14:35:36 Home Stories

At least 125 hectares of marsh land have been destroyed in a massive fire at Point Pelee National Park that raged overnight and continued Thursday morning.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 14:35:36

Thursday's letters to the editor

30 March 2017 13:07:57 Home Stories

Waste a threat to Great Lakes(Re: A lot more to be answered, Friday, March 24)Radioactive waste must never be disposed of and abandoned near a large body of water. There are, right now, two proposals that are planning just that: one for the DGR (Deep Geological Repository) beside Lake Huron and the other for a NSDF (Near Surface Disposal Facility)

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 13:07:57

WRONG!: Napoleon not so short

30 March 2017 12:23:18 Home Stories

Napoleon wasn’t short. In fact, he was a tad taller than the average man of his time; at least the European man. The misconception about his height is based on simple miscalculation. The French unit of measure British and North Americans called it a ‘foot’ was simply larger. What Europeans and North Americans called, and still do, a ‘foot’ was, and

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 12:23:18

Alderville First Nation part of negotiations on a long-standing treaty dispute

30 March 2017 11:06:15 Durham Region-News (from

Alderville First Nation is among the Nations slated to begin formal negotiations with Canada and Ontario on a long standing treaty dispute involving harvesting — hunting, fishing and trapping rights.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 11:06:15

Evans finalist in $10,000 video contest

30 March 2017 10:20:24 Home Stories

Skier Rylan Evans of Chatham is a finalist in an online video contest with a $10,000 first prize.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 10:20:24

Sports briefs: skating, curling, badminton, bowling

30 March 2017 09:59:13 Home Stories

The Chatham Skating Club had four medallists at the Skate Ontario provincial championships.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 09:59:13

Blades promote Hamilton to general manager

30 March 2017 09:37:59 Home Stories

The Blenheim Blades have turned to a familiar face to be their new general manager.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 09:37:59

Shakeup in AMHL could see Airdrie host midget AAA

30 March 2017 08:24:37 Home Stories

The CFR Bisons may have played their final game in Strathmore, as plans have been made to re-draw the AAA midget draw zone. There will most likely be a new AAA team playing out of Airdrie next season.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 08:24:37

Midget Storm earn provincial silver on home ice

30 March 2017 08:12:22 Sports Stories

The Midget A Strathmore Storm lost 5-2 to the SEERA Icemen in the provincial final game last Sunday on their home ice.

Více Sports Time30 March 2017 08:12:22

The Skin of Our Teeth to hit Rosebud Stage

30 March 2017 07:50:02 Home Stories

Thornton Wilder’s 1942 Pulitzer Prize winning play The Skin of Our Teeth is coming to the Rosebud Theatre on March 31.

Více Alle News Time30 March 2017 07:50:02